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By Kate (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2010 at 08:16:13

The visibility on the west side of King & Locke is poor for driver's, who can't turn on a red, only on a green. Safety should be key when talking about pedestrians, and crossing there just wouldn't be safe. I think the rules are (and should be) a little different about where pedestrians cross when there are multiple lane roads - King & Main act more like highways when they 4+ lanes wide.
I live in the Aberdeen & Kent area - 8 min to walk around seems on the high side, but I don't think putting in a pedestrian crosswalk would be that much trouble. I lived out west for awhile, and it always struck me that there, the respect for pedestrians is very high. If you want to cross a road in Calgary, you just stop, wait, and 90% of the time, traffic will stop for you. An amazing concept to Ontarians, eh?!
I think Hamilton is on the way to making the city a better place for non-vehicle travelers - bike routes have been added in a lot of places, which is a great start that a lot of cities have yet to take. If only the bicycles I see out riding actually used them...

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