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By Tartan Triton (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2010 at 06:39:52

Well, at least we'll always have York/Wilson.

"The city is abandoning plans to convert King and Main streets to two-way car traffic to make way for light rail transit.

It is also giving up on the idea of closing King Street to vehicle traffic for four blocks downtown.

The plan had been to run LRT vehicles in both directions down the centre of most of the 16-kilometre route, surrounded by car and truck traffic moving in each direction on either side. Downtown, it would have left the narrow stretch from Wellington to Mary with no room for two-way traffic and the plan was to close King to traffic through that stretch.

The change represents a major shift for the city's LRT plan and some transit advocates think it's a step backwards.

The regional transit authority, Metrolinx, based its benefits case analysis supporting LRT on the premise of two-way traffic on King and Main. But Jill Stephen, the city's director of rapid transit, says it became clear during detailed design and engineering work that plan wouldn't work.....

The move also doesn't mean the end of an opportunity to convert Main Street, west of the Delta, to two-way traffic, said Stephen. But that decision should be made after LRT is running and its impacts are known, she said."

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