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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted December 07, 2010 at 17:21:03

"Downtown has to stop trying to be what suburban visitors want it to be and become what its residents need it to be. Only then will it attract the additional residents and businesses that will push it over the hump to vitality and sustainability".

Who do you mean when you say 'downtown'? I know what the downtown is. The way you've used the word in that sentence, you make it sound like it has a choice in the matter.

When did it start trying to be what suburban visitors want? How do you know this?

When did it stop being what it's residents need it to be? Was this caused by the wants of suburbanites? How do you know this?

What do the residents need?

What is your reasoning that residents and businesses will be attracted "only" when the resident's needs are met? How are the needs to be met without new businesses and residents?

I could care less how Hamilton is revitalized. Do it with or with out suburbanites. As long as it happens, I'm happy. The above questions are meant to be thought provoking, not hate provoking.

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