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By trinity (anonymous) | Posted December 07, 2010 at 11:53:12

Parkdale, the neighbourhood refered to by Shempatolla, is very similar to downtown Hamilton itself. Great stock of heritage buildings, dense areas and shady individuals.

Besides a slightly disfunctional streetcar, the thing parkdale and surroundings have that downtown Hamilton lacks is big names! Whether talking retail fashion, quick and sit down service restaurants or accessories of any sort, suburbanites want the names they see on their tv.

Within walking distance to Parkdale, you can street shop at more big name stores than you can find in limeridge mall along queen west.
You can get more big name restaurants or fast food joints than you'll find in all of Jackson Square.
In Hamilton, for example, if you live downtown and want that Danier leather coat you just saw a commercial for, you're going to have to drive 15 minutes to Limeridge Mall to buy it; or heaven forbid a 25+ minute bus rideX2.
In "sketchy" Parkdale, you're a 10 minute walk or streetcar ride away.

Point is, if dowtown Hamilton is to attract new, young people (suburbanites) it has to attract big name retailers!
Wouldn't you visit/stay downtown more often if it had, say, a Chapters, Loblaws, Winners, H&M, Williams-Sonoma or whatever your favourite store happens to be?

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