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By JH (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2010 at 13:09:10

A significant problem in this process has been a rogue Subcommittee making decisions without the consultation of relevant consumers, vendors, or other stakeholder groups. The City's own Food Security committee was not even involved in the Farmers' Market transition process. Staff authored reports, points systems, which the Sub-committee simply signed off. Now the same Staff who authored these reports, who had tremendous, undue personal influence over the transition process are stating that they no longer have the power to make decisions about stallholders appealing their rejection. I can't help but thing that this "passing the buck" is intended to obscure the actual operations of power, and thus accountability, in this process. I wonder if the amendment to move decision-making from "Council-approved" to "Subcommittee final" will operate to essentially shut down the debate and public transparency of an already disorganized and corrupt process....

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