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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2010 at 22:54:22

Quoting ASmith,"For example, downtown Dundas has very little transit, yet King St is filled with businesses and people on the street. How can Dundas accomplish this and yet downtown property owners can't?".

Just a cotton picking minute! Dundas has a bus that goes all the way down Main Street to the border of Stoney Creek. It goes past City Hall area, the Go Stn, Copps Coliseum, The Courthouse, The main Library, & all point in between. To make a long story short..The Bus Goes DOWNTOWN!!

Not only that, but there is a bus that takes you Back to Dundas via King St., & Main.

It doesn't run with a great deal of frequency mid day, but once you familiarize yourself with the schedual, it works just FINE!

Now if I had a frickin' bus that went DOWNTOWN, or even connected @ Main St., Osler &/or Wilson with the bus that does, I'd be HAPPY!! (Instead of taking 4 buses to get Downtown & another one to get to where I want to be off Main or King.)
Heck, it's 3 !!!! buses to get into Dundas from Ancaster, ( But only IF the right one is running) & it's a 15 minute drive away! Does that make any sense to Anybody!!??)

You can't get Downtown, or anywhere else at all if there is an accident on the Ancaster Hill on the 403, cuz the traffic just backs up on Wilson, The Linc, Rymal/Garner, etc, etc... Now Mr. F., our City Council rep wants to put an entrance ramp to the 403 off Golf Links Rd., & since it's located on Top of the Ancaster Hill...ain't Nobody going No Where! Craptacular! That's our Last Escape Route out of here. :(

(I think the Ancaster Hill should get some kind of award for most accidents per square inch in the Province. Maybe a life-like stuffed commuter in a bronze SUV statue?)

No seriously ASmith,..between the Sprawl & the gridlock, increased gas prices, an aging population, green house gases, a changing climate, & local environmental damage, we need to get our heads out of our collective butts & start Seriously Doing Something about public transit. NOW!

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