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By Wildono (anonymous) | Posted February 09, 2007 at 16:30:35

I visited Hamilton over 15 years ago, en route to Toronto. Unless things have gone to the dumps (or polarized) in the Golden Horseshoe economy during that time, Toronto is a much better model for Hamilton (and Tacoma) as a cosmopolitan and sustainable community than Seattle. Despite the marketing and rhetoric you get from us Yanks.

Toronto has streetcars, a subway system, and buses with frequent service. The Puget Sound region is finally getting frequent bus transit service (and not BRT). In Tacoma we are studying the feasibility of bringing back streetcar/trolley rail lines to connect our neighborhood business districts and downtown - while generating a 'unique' cache for node & corridor economic development.

I've lived in Tacoma for four years after seven in Seattle. If I had moved to T.O. rather than Seattle many years ago, I'm not sure I'd have left for Hamilton -- but Hamilton certainly intrigues me more than Seattle. Like Tacoma, it seems like an individual can make more of an impact when getting involved in urban development issues.

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