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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted December 03, 2010 at 13:33:19

mrjanitor >> It is only your concern and has been addressed

I have yet to get an answer to this question...

Why do taxpayers have to risk their money so that a few private landowners along the LRT line will see their property values skyrocket? This is nothing but corporate socialism, something I would have thought, people on this board would be against. I guess as long as you own property in the area, as Ryan does, your values change.

If this has been answered, as you state, show me the exact quote?

>> Your response only stated that you feel the RHVP should be a toll road, why did the city pay for the construction and not investors?

This is what I said..."If the RHVP was in such great demand by business and consumers, why did taxpayers need to finance it? It could have been operated as a toll road. "

That's what "to finance" means, to pay for the construction of the road. I never suggested that taxpayers should have payed for the building of the RHVP.

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