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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted December 03, 2010 at 12:59:24

@nobrainer - think how many traffic-lights you'd have to add to convert a 1-way street to 2-way. Now think how many uncontrolled intersections you could secure using the same number of traffic lights.

And "2 hour parking 7am to 3am" costs exactly the same as "no parking" signs. Hell, with meters it actually makes money. The only thing I listed that would cost more money than a 2-way conversion is photo-radar and widened sidewalks... and just taking those first two steps would still be a humongous improvement. If widening the sidewalk isn't an option, how about some kind of barrier along the left-hand side of the street, like the fences at Gore park?

Either way, my point is that the city managers and council have made it clear that they believe Hamilton needs a downtown highway, and that we cannot change this. Accepting that, we need to remind them "a highway through downtown is dangerous to pedestrians. What are you doing to protect them? Damned little that I can see".

If there were lighted crossings at every Main street intersection, that poor guy in the rascal scooter who got mowed down last summer would still be alive. The woman on the e-bike who got hit at Ray St. would not have been hit last month.... well, in both cases assuming they waited for a green.

Those extra lights would not slow down traffic because of the "green wave" but they also would protect pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

If the city is going to run a highway through down town, then it is absolutely essential that they don't cheap out on it.

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