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By John Neary (registered) | Posted December 03, 2010 at 08:35:53

The current version of the design includes two-way LRT on the Main West, King, Queenston corridor, but does not include two-way general purpose traffic on streets where traffic is currently one-way. It does include a diversion of through traffic away from King Street, leaving King to serve local traffic only.

As I've said many times before, dumping even more traffic on Cannon Street is not an acceptable consequence of building LRT on King. This proposal is going to harm pedestrian accessibility and public health in some of Hamilton's poorest and least healthy neighbourhoods. And none of pxtl's suggestions:

Lighted crossings at every intersection. Photo radar. Wider sidewalks on the left and all-day street-side parking to keep the fast traffic away from the pedestrian area on the right

does very much to mitigate against that. Besides which the city has shown no desire to implement any of those measures so far.

Maybe we should build LRT along Barton. It carries less traffic and is already two-way. Then we could save the one-way/two-way fight for another day. If LRT is built along King with one-way traffic, it will be very hard to re-engineer traffic patterns in the future.

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