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By jason (registered) | Posted December 02, 2010 at 12:53:37

So, what's the point of doing LRT if it's still going to be more convenient for people to hop in their car and blaze down Main and Cannon like it's the QEW??

The conversion of Main and eventually Cannon is essential to seeing neighbourhood retail, street use, vibrancy and safety return to our lower city neighbourhoods.

Is there any way city residents can be refunded for all of the useless 'mayors luncheons', 'economic summits', 'downtown renewal seminars', 'special guest speakers on livable cities' etc...... who ALL say the SAME THING every year - "convert these streets to two-way tomorrow!" As we've seen on James and John and now York, our former barren, dead streets spring back to life once human beings feel comfortable being there.

Let's just get someone to stand at the parking lot of the next economic summit with a cardboard sign that says "Summit cancelled today because the city won't follow through on the vision and grand ideas anyhow".

I want a refund on my tax bill for all of the wasted meetings and hosting experts from around the world the past 30 years just so we can ignore them.

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