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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2010 at 12:30:11

Re: the original comment from Letters to the Ed.. ""They say light rail transit will free our city of much of the automobile traffic," wrote J. Alan Rea, "when we all know that rail cannot climb the escarpment to service the areas where most people live."

Has this person ever heard of San Francisco? They have many steeper inclines there & manage to do fine. They did fine 100 years ago with horse drawn trolleys too. So we don't have the technology to out-pull a pair of nags in the year 2010?

The old narrow gauge railway at Port Stanley transported people up a very steep 1/2 mile incline from the shore of Lake Erie to the top of the escarpment for decades. (Cars & roads terminated that service.)

The best place to begin LRT is Downtown, where it's needed most.

(But I wouldn't say, "No." to any & all improvements to 'Burb public transit. The traffic is increasing daily(sprawl) & it's headed to the 403 or Downtown. If we could get even some of those people that are currently headed to the 403 to the Go. Stn., many of the problems in all areas of the City would be solved.)

With the grid lock inspired by hwy. 403, auto accidents, increased vehicle traffic in the City core, & no City response to our poor public transit system, (to date) what other options have we got?

An LRT will get people moving when bus & vehicle traffic have ground to a halt.

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