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By LoveIt (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2010 at 12:13:12

If you compare the bus ride with a train ride you will notice people reading while riding on the train. That alone tells that the train ride is more comfortable. We pay for quality things - cars, houses, etc.
LRT is mostly about the qaulity of life and it's one of the most prominent way to show the city life quality, if you want to attract to DT. It's also a solution for tight DT traffic. Also one bus - one driver, while the train can be long enough to pick up as many as there are.
It's true that when I have a choice of bus ride vs street car I choose street car despite the bus stop closer to my home. And when there is no choice but the bus I'd better stay home or look for other alternatives (subway, etc. even if takes longer).

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