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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 22:29:18

I live here and I care. Just because I think critically about things, ask questions and want to gather as much information about something before for taking a stand on an issue, doesn't make me a troll. Based on the posts in this thread people like ZJones are, by definition, much more of a troll than I am (and I'm not). Some of the posters here, and what seems to be the general attitude of this website, are going to get a reputation for labeling anyone that asks questions and may not agree with Ryan's views as being a troll. Just so you all know, I support the idea of LRT in general. I was really excited and happy when I first heard about LRT. I care enough and was excited enough that I cancelled plans to attend the information session at city hall to learn more about the LRT plans. It wasn't until I saw the plans that I started to think to myself "oh no... this is so not what I thought it was going to be" and I started to ask questions and become skeptical about if the plans, as laid out, would work for our city. I think what some people are having trouble understanding is that just because someone isn't sold on the current plan for LRT in Hamilton, or has some concerns about certain parts of the plan, doesn't make them a NIMBY or a evil person who is trying to sabotage Hamilton. I think it could actually be argued that people who are asking questions and not sold entirely on the current plan, and want to see changes to make it better care MORE about it than people who just willy nilly agree "LRT good... must do" because that's what they heard somewhere. So in summary, I'm in total agreement that when done right LRT can be GREAT for a city. I'm just not sold on the current plan for Hamilton and I'm worried it might do more harm than good when considering a long term view point. If we're going to go through the trouble and spend the money to do this thing, lets do it RIGHT!

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