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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 21:37:57

SpaceMonkey >> I wonder if he would be willing to be held accountable if it is a horrible failure.

I would settle for an answer to a simple question.

MrJanitor >> I think your question is valid up to a point, however if we apply that thinking then why didn't the homeowners and property holders on Stoney Creek Mountain fund the Red Hill Valley Parkway?

I agree 100%. If the RHVP was in such great demand by business and consumers, why did taxpayers need to finance it? It could have been operated as a toll road. The great thing about a toll road is that you only pay if you use it.

z jones >> Stop pretending to care and stop wasting our time.

If you believe that LRT is a great investment, why don't you and other LRT supporters work with property owners to raise the financing. You can spearhead the project, arrange a fee based on property value appreciation and enjoy the fruits that come with taking risk.

Make some calls, show some passion and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

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