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By adrian (registered) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 17:03:32

If this claim is true, then it also stands to reason that current property owners along the proposed LRT line have the most to gain, in terms of increased property values and rental income.

The question to LRT supporters is this, why should taxpayers fund a system that will disproportionately benefit property owners who live near the line? If these people will be the prime beneficiaries, why can't they finance it, rather than taxpayers?

If this claim is true, then property owners ought to benefit because they are actually the ones who are making the bulk of the investment. After all, this claim does not say that property owners sit back and watch the money roll in, it says that they invest, and as with all investments, the investors will be seeking a return.

In any case, many infrastructure projects have a larger benefit to those living immediately around them then they do for those who are distant; then again, many projects also have larger negative impacts on those who live around them, hence NIMByism. But the interests of cities as a whole transcend the impact on small geographic regions, or at least ought to.

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