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By observer (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 16:34:12

As well, when the Spec made room for a good number of letters--for not very long, and with a dedicated letters editor--people with sharply reasoned views figgered it was worthwhile to write: greater chance letter would get in. After all, good letters are hard to write and take time: and that's a fact. Comes a time when a readership says, why bother? What's the point? Me and all the tweet-like anger people? Why have so many people taken to Raise the Hammer, or subscribed to Citizens At City Hall? One of the problems with a column like Dreschel's [and much of the Spec] is the sheer parochialism--no, not that--simple narrowness of how and what it sees as issues of importance in the community. "Huh? You want us to report on what? You've written a letter about what??" There's a universe of interests that citizens of Hamilton have, and it relates to the universe outside of Hamilton as well, of course. The Spec ain't going to be the place to do that. There have been times esp. during the Di Ianni regime when the Spec simply blinded itself to facts on issues--CATCH wrote about stuff re the Maple Leaf meat plant that the Spec pretended just didn't exist in its so-called coverage, as one small example that I recall. Look at early aerotropolis "coverage". And, and,...

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