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By observer (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 16:13:29

Letters, we get letters... The Spec is pleased that anyone cares enough to write, and it represents a forum for persons of all"crackpottedness"--by its unwritten mandate. The spec over the last few years has published letters that impute motives, and, or, that are ad hominem attacks on others. Where but the Spec in an Ontario city could you have seen the anti-homo-style letters on a range of issues, or the Christian screed-writers? In the Spec, that's where. So you expect the letters editor, who's got a bunch of other duties there, to block letters containing obvious falsehoods or idiocies? The Spec has for years practiced an in-your-face-ism akin to what at least one Hamiltonian calls squawk radio. The Spes position for years has been, well,if you think there's a 'mistake' in a letter, correct it. That's not our job. [What their job at the Spec is hasn't been deduced by anyone.] That's a start to what I see going on. The moon IS made of green cheese. Prove that I'm wrong, you non-expert non-astronaut.

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