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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted December 01, 2010 at 13:40:42

Which question? How much will it cost to build? How much will it cost to operate? Who will pay for it? They're straw man questions because they are being asked and they are being answered, the city is doing a planning and design phase right now and Metrolinx is working with them closely. The province already said they would pay the "lions share" of the bill and now that Toronto is pulling the plug on Transit City it should be easier for Hamilton to get to the top of the list. The people who oppose LRT don't care about the facts, they just want to sling enough mud on it to make the average joe start to have doubts, once that happens council will fold like a cheap card table and the Hammer will be back to square one. Twenty years from now people will write "Remember when..." stories about how Hamilton had another chance to build a modern LRT ("Remember when..." we had that chance in the 80's?) and blew it. Frig, what a screwed up city we live in.

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