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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted November 29, 2010 at 20:10:51

A dysfunctional city in decline + corporate media + incestuous politicians = Ménage à trois. Citizens get screwed every time.

Journalists our only defence?

Can our former Mayor put aside 25 years of politics - decades of party loyalty and activity - and sever himself from the political agendas of friends?

That sentence and the tenor of this article (and also the Spectator article by Coleman) strike me as more than a tad naive. I thought journalism schools taught students to question everything. In this case, party and political agendas are not nearly important as business agendas - ie. development. The test will be in the viewing. Will Di Ianni use his new megaphone to pump all his/our favourite projects. Money money money. What song do you think he will sing?

AEGD, LRT, Stadium, hurrah hurrah! Can't ya hear the excitement?

Unavoidable maintenance & serious flood control can always be ignored for another day!

If you value your city, turn off the TV, cancel the Spec. Media only understands one thing, one message. Advertizing revenue. Think of all those ads for new houses. Act accordingly.

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