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By observer (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2010 at 19:55:36

I see this:
"By jason (registered)
Posted November 27, 2010 21:38:06

Wow. I can't think of anyone else who writes for the paper, other than Dreschel, that isn't on that list. Who's left??"

What?!? Go ahead, depress me: Dreschel is staying?? Why? What did we do to deserve him? Supercilious; sneering, as one Hamiltonian says about him. When he's away, the Spec says he'll "return." Why? And do those of you who praised the Di Ianni move to Cable 14 in the other news today have stronger stomachs than most? Ryan would forbid as too personal my saying that Larry is nothing but vindictive, vitriolic, nine degrees of pompous, self-justifying, & re-inventing (with help from Wikipedia). Look in Google for the history-of-Larry-by-Larry pieces in the Chris Ecklund "blog" that Ecklund pulled down as Larry [finally] announced for mayor because it would give Larry an "unfair advantage." Ok, stop.

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