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By Paul (registered) | Posted November 27, 2010 at 19:29:19

As a former employee of the Spectator who was laid off last year, it is not only editorial that has lost much. They have been cutting and offering early retirement throughout the company for the last few years. I was one a several cut because 5 years was not enough seniority to survive especially when the company is determined to cut away salaries.

The Classified department also doubled in responsability taking on Kitchener area papers while cutting wages and full time opportunities in favour of lower paid part time jobs.

To me this is in large part due to the Spectator being one of many papers so of lower priority than if it were locvally owned and considered the priority it should be in the community.

A paper is more than it's writers and I think if you took all the talent they have lost over the last few years you could probably start another paper.

A new locally focused paper is exactly what is needed as we have lost our main paper to a lower ranking member of a company aiming at a regional market and pooling resources that water down local focus in order to reuse article in more than one publication.

I am saddened to hear they continue to hemorrhage talent.

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