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By jason (registered) | Posted November 27, 2010 at 17:33:05

Wow. These will be trying times for our only newspaper. OpenFile is a fantastic source of news and info, compounded with what we already have in Hamilton via various online news/info publications, the Spec has their work cut out for them.

I would love to see them find the money to hire some top notch journalists and become a true centrepiece of 21st Century urban discussion and ideas in Hamilton. Perhaps now is a great time for them to realize that their future lies in the demographic that is not subscribing to their product. Find out why the young generation isn't interested in the Spec and fix it.

I fear, however, that they will simply go the easy route that we've seen too many times before. When FOX news realized, after years of trying with no success, that there wasn't demand for another news outlet in a crowded marketplace they decided to go ultra-looney and replicate the Jerry Springer show on a news format. And as we know, people tune into the Jerry Springer show.

Let's hope the Spec realizes their important role in the discussion that is Hamilton and treats that responsibility with the utmost respect. I wish them well. This will be an interesting number of years to see what unfolds.

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