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By M_Oberver (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2010 at 15:31:57

From the point of view that my father worked in the Stelco labs from the 1960s on and is now deceased, US Steel has tried politics outside of their own country which I fear are inferior on an ethical, moral and legal stand point. Having family work in Dofasco as well growing up, it was well know that historical mills such as Bethlehem did not maintain plants at the high point of manufacturing (generating a stellar cash flow in the process) and thus failed. Is it not true that the technology and safety was invested in at Stelco, but the management failed? Understanding the previous union presidents, feathered their own nest first and through crumbs to the 1005 workers. It is apparent that Rolph Gerstenberger has inherited the short end of the stick. It is sad to watch and know that the outcome is very political and not about steel.

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