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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted November 25, 2010 at 09:46:00

unlike other Ontario cities Hamilton now has a policy of only putting crosswalks at "signalized intersections", i.e. at a stop sign or traffic light. This is ostensibly for safety, but the fact that the City removed the signs from existing crosswalks and simply let the road markings fade suggests safety was not the main concern. This policy also drastically reduced the number of available crosswalks.

Westdale presents another example of this absurdity. At the very core of the spiderweb of streets is the intersection of King West and Paisley, surrounded by shopping and including a major bus stop ... and the city has allowed the crosswalks to fade because, as was explained to me, pedestrians are not supposed to cross there. Because it's not safe. And it's not safe because there is no four way or light (either of which would be patently absurd).

And so here we are, at the intersection of Keep-the-cars-moving and Cover-your-ass with no way to move on.

Except that King West is quite crossable there and so people do cross, and do so without the danger of darting across Aberdeen at Kent.

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