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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 25, 2010 at 09:18:58


Aberdeen isn't a highway. It's just the only continuous east-west street south of Main. Even if it were all-way-stops every block, it would be constantly snarled with traffic. Aberdeen is going to be a busy street no matter what you do with it. That's my point - it is positively guaranteed to be stuffed full of traffic, so greater protection of pedestrians is necessary. And it's in the heart of the city, so there's nothing we can do to fix it.... no space for an overpass, or for another road, or whatever. That's what I mean by "old city" - a city that was built before so many people had cars.

We had one of those flashing-yellow crosswalks when I was a student in Guelph. The damned thing was awkward as hell - you'd push the button and be unable to see that the crosswalk was blinking, and there was no indicator showing you that it had done so, since the yellow light was pointed away from the pedestrian. So you'd have people push the button and look for an indication that it was safe to cross, and the driver, knowing the sign meant "stop if it is safe, then continue" would stop for a second, see nobody going through the crosswalk, and then continue.

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