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By Tecumseh (registered) | Posted November 23, 2010 at 22:38:05

I understand Brian McHattie was able to get pedestrian activated crossings at Dundurn and Lamoreaux and King and Pearl, using that surplus fund councilors gave themselves just before the election. I believe they're to be installed in the Spring sometime. Here's hoping that more money like that becomes available, and that McHattie can work the system however it was that he did to get new crossings fast-tracked. I can easily think of a half-dozen spots in Ward 1 where they're needed! And here's hoping Jason Farr will show the same initiative and responsiveness for downtown.

What's interesting too is how the letter from Dr. Verhovsek mentions in passing how scary and potentially dangerous it is just walking on the sidewalks. Isn't it crazy that walking on the sidewalk down our city's main streets is physically repellent? What does that say about our city! That fact that pedestrians do everything they can to avoid walking on the streets that should be the centers of our communities should be the first clue to our councilors about what is wrong with our urban environment.

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