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By jason (registered) | Posted November 23, 2010 at 15:14:19

the city's scoring system is a joke. We ran into this in Strathcona when asking for a ped light at York and Strathcona. There are crosswalks that were paved across the York median, but no ramps and no lights. Bus stop on both sides and it is the clear link between Dundurn Park and the south side of York as well as to Strathcona School and Victoria park. The city said "not enough people cross there to warrant a light". We said "not enough people cross there BECAUSE there isn't a light". I suggested that city staff hop on the #8 York bus and see how many people wishing to get off at York and Strathcona, instead sit on the bus as it loops to Dundurn and over to Vic Park before getting off so that they don't have to cross York. Especially parents with kids and seniors. They turned down a ped light for the very reason we need one - not enough people are brave enough (or physically able) to cross there.

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