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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted November 19, 2010 at 23:14:13

I see adrian and industrial are still playing their games. How sad. While I respectfully disagree that I'm a troll it speaks volume about a person who would say in one breath that he feels badly about what he said and in the next not only not apologize for it but take a general swipe at everyone he's ever met that he doesn't like and say he really doesn't care about them. I'm a big boy and can take the heat but seriously talk about total hypocrisy - Turbo

I never said once that I feel badly. I don't. And I said that. Welcome to real life: people are not required to be nice when you've done something wrong.

The point of my post was to assess whether you want to be a part of this "community" (your word), or not. And you don't. You're completely unwilling to admit for a second that your actions are inappropriate in any way, despite the fact every single regular poster on here is saying so. Hell, you can't even get my name right. That's textbook trolling. I'm not trying to convince you - I'm trying to make a point to everyone else who's reading this. And that point is that you're not interesting in changing. That is exactly what you've said here.

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