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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted November 17, 2010 at 19:38:37

Turbo, you got it about right, assuming you draw the box around Canada/North America/The West - take your pick. If you draw the box to include the world, the Chinese are happy to receive the jobs, sweatshops notwithstanding. And why not? Do we really want to keep most nations in abject poverty? So i think most of my generation went along with free trade, perhaps too naively. So now we are 'equalizing' with China, is how i look at it. But will China play fair, is the question or is it just dog eat dog? In which case, we better wise up.

But to blame free trade is to miss the simple truth that China is just the most recent nation to learn oil driven technology. Then one asks, where will technology reside? With the recent riots/ wage strikes in China, jobs may move to India. And then to Africa/ Middle East (i forgot the new acronym for that area). Only when the whole world is equal, can we have stability - probably at far lower levels. The question is will trade friction make WW3 come first?

The fascinating part is that 300 years after Tulipmania, the Dutch still make/ export tulips! What will Canadians be doing when the future arrives?

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