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By Sharchy (anonymous) | Posted February 06, 2007 at 20:13:08

His ideas are very common sense a thriving city center is congested with people and with commerce - not free parking. But you can't just go from dilapidated downtown to hustle and bustle over night. Here is a potential strategy: tax the heck out of surface parking lots. Force land speculators to either raise parking prices, develop, or sell (meanwhile keep municipal street parking cheap). Use the tax revenue to fund rapid transit. Then hike the rates of street parking once urban infill takes over. Hamilton is not in a position to do away with free parking yet. But hopefully in 5-8 years or so it will. Its time to kill the car centric mentality. A downtown is a place for living not a place for driving. You don’t see people driving 80km an hour down suburban ‘cul de sac’s so why does this happen on downtown Hamilton’s city streets?

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