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By allantaylor97 (registered) | Posted November 17, 2010 at 16:38:32

Some very sobering projections Bob. Fundamentally our monetary system is broken I'll agree. I believe it comes back to Henry Ford's philosophy and how the world economy has strayed from it. Ford believed that everyone working in his plant should be able to afford his car or he'd have no customers and therefore no need to produce the car. Its a really simple concept that world trading seems to ignore by moving production to areas of cheap labour decimating the marketplace of the former country of production thus shrinking the market and eventually looking a total collapse. Add the real possibility that transportation costs will rise dramatically and its almost a sure thing the world economy will fail if left to follow its current path. I know it sounds like I'm defending Peak Oil but in reality I'm arguing that squeezing the middle class by removing jobs and sending them to a country where the workers don't receive similar compensation is the major factor.

How does this relate to the LRT???? On the one hand there will be a greater need for public transportation and on the other there will be less money to spend on it and the benefits of investment due to either BRT or LRT will be minimal but rather the benefit will be simple maintainace of the status quo at best This suggests to me that we need to get the most for the money in real terms not hopeful term

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