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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 17, 2010 at 09:09:29


My understanding about "upgrading anyways" is that the provincial mandate is to build transit to match population projection growth (the main purpose of metrolinx etc) and Hamilton is on the table for transit improvements no matter what.

We will be installing dedicated lane transit on the B line, the big question now is what sort of system to build.

So far (and we are years into the studies now), there have only been studies for BRT and LRT. I would love to see electric buses be thrown in, but that is something that should have been considered from the start.

So if we accept the presumption that we are building a b-line system (definitely) and also an a-line (very likely, but not for another 10 years), then we need to focus on how to best spend that money.

In my opinion, LRT is most definitely justified from a ridership standpoint from at least mcmaster to wentworth. I believe it is justified from a "potential for intensification" standpoint along the enitre breadth of the city from dundas to stoney creek.

If we are going to build a physically separated busway regardless (which is the case unless the transit plan so far is a complete sham), then now is the time to weigh the benefits of laying rail instead, since it can be looked at as an "upgrade" cost rather than a whole new cost.

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