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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 17, 2010 at 08:59:02

Hold on a second turbo, let's rewind.

This all started with Pxtl comparing LRT with subways instead of streetcars - which while not totally accurate, is a good way of loking at it since LRT is a dedicated rail line like a subway - it just happens to run above ground.

You then asserted that LRT doesn't bring any of the advantages of a subway. And you did so quite rudely.

I happily responded to each of your three reasons for saying that they are not similar, and you rudely shot back to me that I was wrong, complete with thinly veiled personal attacks.

Then someone else tried to explain what you were missing, and you solidified your argument of "LRT is not a subway" (which most of us understand by the way - we are just trying to get across that is is a closer relative to subways than to the streetcars we all know in Toronto):

My point is not that LRT is bad but rather that its not similar to a subway and yes it is a streetcar even if its on dedicated lanes. People should read the bobinnes link. That article nailed how I feel about LRT and the fact that I am not a believer in build it and they will come planning

You then took a side track to talk about "Raise the Hammer and its acolytes" with an anonymous troll - speaking as if everyone who posts here (other than you) was in some secret club trying to push an agenda.

I then made a long coherent post about how we could smartly leverage LRT in a phased approach and called you out on your conspiracy theory. You cherry picked one point form my on topic post and kept harping on the off topic stuff.

Now you say "I have suggested an alternate but you ignored it if you think I proposed nothing"

The only thing you proposed during the entire "discussion" was to read someone else's blog post about the topic.

So yes, I think you proposed nothing and I will now be installing adrian's script.

Please vote me down so this off topic stuff can disappear.

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