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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 16, 2010 at 15:59:28

OK, I will start with your list and tell you why you are wrong:

It does not remove the transit vehicle from traffic and weather problems making it subject to delays

  1. LRT runs in a dedicated right of way with no vehicular traffic, and it has dedicated prioritized signalling. It is NOT a streetcar which shares a lane with turning vehicles etc. So yes it does remove the transit vehicle from traffic.

  2. Besides the fact that we have MAYBE 3-5 days a year where weather affects traffic, LRT has the ability to clear the snow itself using a special car or attachment, so the lines can be cleared faster than the roadways.

it does not free up street lanes for truck and auto travel

Yes it does. One LRT car can carry the same number of people as several buses or over a hundred cars. So while the absoulte number of east west lanes may be reduced by one or two lanes total, the relative number of vehicles will be reduced by a greater percentage, with the mathematicl result being equivalent to adding lane capacity: cars versus trains

and it does not open up business opportunities

Yes it does. It has been shown over and over and over that when a city invests in light rail infrastructure, it shows a clear message that it is serious about development along that route. Coupled with smart zoning laws, LRT results in huge investments from private developers. Living and working along an LRT line is desirable, and that desirability is reflected in deveopment when the builders cash in on the trend.

like the underground in Toronto

Do you mean the path system? We tried moving development indoors (at jackson square) and it does not work. We need street level vibrancy, and that comes from street level LRT, not from subways. LRT enhances development along its entire line whereas subways enhance development mostly at station stops (and buses enhance development nowhere)

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