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By sprawl (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2010 at 07:11:00

The great downtowns in Canada like Vancouver and Victoria are the towns where sprawl for the most part is limited by the geography (ie., it is difficult to grow bigger). The continuing pushing out of the urban boundary allows developers to be massively subsidized instead of forcing them to think outside their greenfield box.

The airport is being used as a 'buzz word' to allow the development of more green space. Airport?

Come on it should be 'railport' employment growth and residential development (aka downtown access to the rail and light rail).

So it is time for a land swap. Give the developers that own land on the edge of the city (and are good financial backers of our politicians) a serious discount on city owned land within the downtown (not parks) and in return hand over their green space at the edge of the city for the Hamilton Conservation Authority to manage. This would create an agricultural green belt but one complete with an ever increasing trail network around our city.

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