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By jerrystinson (registered) | Posted May 27, 2006 at 07:09:54

Question: How important (and how helpful) will ethanol prove to be in the imminent oil shortage crisis? I've read quite a lot about oil peak, but the handful of books I've bought on the subject, most of them published one or two or three years ago, give only a paragraph or so to ethanol. On television, one group of pundits chuckles knowingly about "another farm subsidy boondoggle," while those who hope for entrepreneurial jackpots pose straight-faced into the camera and solemnly swear that ethanol is a panacea.

Can you recommend a site that offers an unbiased analysis? Or, if there's no such thing as "unbiased," can you point me at a couple of knowledgeable sources?

By the way, your site looks very promising! I like your unpretentious tone, and the fact that so far it's entirely possible to "get a word in edgewise" on your Comments page.

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