Comment 51558

By observer (anonymous) | Posted November 15, 2010 at 17:15:05

I'm sure this is inappropriate, but still: perhaps "turbo (registered)" is Andrew Dreschel/Rob Ford/Larry Di Ianni/Marvin Caplan/and yes, even good old Dave Mitchell [and let's throw in George Mammoliti who some Hamiltonians will have heard of], all sharing in one disguise. Years ago, on the old TVO Studio two, a screamer from the Toronto Sun yelled at the late Ian Scott that Scott was "ranting". Scott was assertive but not ranting: the complainer was, of course, ranting--but exactly. It is possible to rant and be coherently logical and persuasive, but it doesn't happen very often. What people in a response thread like this can do is reply to all but the demonstrable "I believe it therefore it is and you're WRONG" posts--and that includes "I have no idea, therefore you are wrong and nuts."

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