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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted November 15, 2010 at 11:54:05

I thought it would be worthwhile to summarize the above ideas. I'll post at my website as a way of bringing more attention to this thread. Hope i didn't miss any.

Ryan, would it be possible to eliminate the "Recent Blog Entries" as a separate category -- I almost missed this important discussion altogether (happens when I'm busy/ distracted). What does it refer to anyway? Is it different than using your 'submit' link?


  • stop greenfield development

  • focus the innovation center

  • game points for health, local food, innovators?

  • diversity, energy conservation, green spaces,

  • cheap rent

  • selective subsidizing

  • dynamite city hall!

  • court intellectuals, creatives

  • clean up, eliminate one way,

  • lower property taxes

  • residential units? face-the-street? toxic cleanup, city to rent biz units

  • Remote Surgery, automotive tech, Steel tech, Nuclear Medicine, OCAD

  • Health care center

  • shutter steel, "gritty" spinoff aka Parkdale, regional transit,

  • Steel Research,

  • Hamilton must want the change

  • Stop listening to snake oil salesmen

  • Innovation Factory, Eight

  • Affordability, Entertainment, Access to clients, money, research, tech, visionaries

  • import dna (brains)

  • liaison officer / one stop

  • James North = seed of change

  • Glen Murray presents Wednesday, think global vs think local

  • National initiatives (research, etc), good research here,

  • necessity mothers invention - less gummerment, more 'stress'

  • find ways to integrate based on good old fashioned local proximity.

  • startup spaces, live-work

  • commercial waste policies./ recycling

  • GorePark attraction vs King Street Rush

  • CityJoe list of infrastructure problems

  • higher welfare payments, less gummerment

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