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By newsteve (registered) | Posted November 12, 2010 at 23:36:47

To become a centre of Innovation, we need to focus on our Centre. I'm talking downtown. Downtown has great buildings, lots of people, multiple amenities and one of the greatest urban public squares in a Canadian city: Gore Park. Sadly, there are two 5-lane superhighways running right through it. The centre of our city is ripe for new business and new people, but it is easy to miss with Main and King shuffling cars through it all the time.

Infrastructure speaks volumes. We need to make Hamilton a destination and just a passageway to something beyond it. Focus on making the core livable, breathable, walkable, and the people will come (and bring their innovative ideas with them).

No one wants to live next to a 5-lane highway. Turn those streets back to two-way or at least slow them down and watch what happens.

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