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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted November 11, 2010 at 15:20:11

This has been pointed out in a few other posts. You can't expect innovative, hi-tech companies to relocate to Hamilton until the infrastructure will support these kinds of companies. You can only go so far in putting fail safe technology into a building before the cost becomes prohibitive, & it simply makes sense to go elsewhere.

Couple this lack of interest in current infrastructure & a lack of interest in LRT, better public transit, better city planning, & assisting the poor, & generally cleaning up the City, there is created an appearance of Not Wanting outside, or even inside investment.

Power outages, phone & computer failures, flooding, water & sewage services out of date & compromised. This will not attract hi-tech companies, or any sort of long term investment.

These listings are observations made by me or people that i know who work or have worked in these areas of the GHA.

Dundurn area: Frequent power, phone & computer outages year round. The area does get a lot of lightening strikes. Maybe it's time to put services underground?

Ancaster area: (The Industrial Mall & Central) Frequent long power outages,& brown outs. Sometimes long term, but more frequently power outs that occur several times in a minute. (Computer killers) Situations of low or no water pressure.

Stoney Creek & area: Frequent serious flooding. This area drastically needs total overhaul of the current system, & the main water, sewage, storm over flow, & drainage facilities.

Hess St. area: Major flooding occurred twice in quick succession several years ago due to failure of very old mains. After the 2nd. flood, many could not obtain insurance. Who's to say it won't happen again in the Downtown area?

The Woodward Ave. treatment plant has been blamed for much of the damage on many occasions in East Hamilton & Stoney Creek. Instead of repeatedly paying companies & residents for damages, why not update, replace, or put in a new plant to handle what Woodward Ave can no longer handle? How long can this situation go on???!

Red Hill Creek area: Repeated flooding during heavy rain events. Damage to neighbouring properties, & to the expressway. (Are there any solutions? It should have never been built.)
A major traffic artery that cannot withstand a heavy rain is not an asset to any company or person relying on it.

East Central Hamilton: Frequent power outs & phone/computer problems, along with low water pressure from a very old system. The area is also in dire need of improvement, & assistance to residents, & low income people. This area is not what people think of when they want to come & open a business!

The Industrial area: (Burlington St. etc.)Better for larger companies, but it's still relying on some very old infrastructure. Burlington St. has been listed by CAA as one of the 10 worst roads in Ontario. Will the trend continue in that area & other heavy traffic streets in that area will be neglected to the point that they become a liability?

Then there is that 'quirky' attitude @ City Hall. In recent years Hamilton has in one way or another said "No." to such diverse companies as The Pearl Company, Canada Packers, Famous People Players, & probably 1000's of other potential investors in the GHA that we never heard about in the media. Outright denial, greatly increased taxes, hidden taxes on purchase, or a ton of bi-law fines. What does it matter?.. It's still "No!"

Until that hostile environment toward investment, esp. inner city development stops, nothing is going to happen in the Inner City. (How long until the next election, & will that help?)
Nobody wants to invest in a place that seems to make up the rules as it goes along. There are plenty of other places that don't require companies to bow & scrape to open a place of business that will employ local people at a decent wage. Why don't "We" seem to want that?

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