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By Tartan Triton (anonymous) | Posted November 08, 2010 at 06:23:42

Glen Murray is in at Mac's Burlington's campus on Wednesday to talk about "Establishing A Culture of Innovation: What It Will Take To Compete Globally."

Interesting that he points to the larger dynamic. If you're a local entrepreneur and your business is not immutably super-local, why would you be satisfied with the local fishbowl? Dubious analogy: For every musician who makes a living playing the local club circuit, surely there are dozens more who take session gigs, play out of town, gain viral rep and sales via the internet, etc.

Might not be something that municipal government is positioned to assist on, but rather (as mrjanitor has suggested) a case where the entrepreneur can look to a local liaison org for help with navigating channels and identifying grant programs at provincial and federal level that might be a boon to success. Maybe an arm of the CoC?

Bottom line? The marketplace isn't going to get less challenging anytime soon. The strongest and smartest will find a way.

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