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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted November 07, 2010 at 19:09:56

Some posters claim this is a seasonal problem.

Not in my neighbourhood. There are 13 properties within both sight and sound of my house.

Only three of them have not been seen or heard using blowers. Two own and use blowers mostly seasonally. Two own and use blowers on at least a weekly basis about 8 months a year.

Six hire out lawn care, and all of them use blowers weekly, 6-8 months a year. One of these usually starts at 8 am friday mornings, and uses blowers regardless of weather. None are finished in less than half an hour. Typically, blower use is intermittent for about 90 minutes.

Two of these properties have extensively landscaped yards (no grass), and about 2-3 times a year do a major trimming which involves 2 stroke trimmers and blowers to remove the debris. This takes 3-5 hours, during which there is at least one 2-stroke running 80% of the time, often 2-3 of them, and sometimes a wood chipper. This is beyond horrible, and I have to leave my house.

You'd think winter would bring a reprieve but one of these landscapers, unbelievably, uses 2-stroke baby snow shovels the remaining 4 months. Not much faster than a normal shovel, but there's nothing baby about the noise or air pollution they produce.

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