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By Ty Webb (anonymous) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 20:39:05

Shutter the steel mills, slowly start rehabilitating the land, get rid of the pollution, the stigma, the visual blight, and the inevitable decline of a business now controlled by foreign interests who won't give our work force a fair shake, especially with a devalued U.S. dollar.
Concentrate on 'creative class' jobs, higher paying, more educated workforce, who will spend money on arts, culture, restaurants, etc. helping spin off more jobs. Hamilton should emulate Parkdale in Toronto, which plays up it's gritty image to be a hipster haven, attracting a second wave of rich wannabes with money to burn. One Drake Hotel type spot in the right neighbourhood could go a long way. James Street and Locke Street are already well underway in this direction.
Serious regional transit is very important as well, having fast and reliable routes to Toronto, GTA, K-W, etc can position Hamilton as a great option for people wanting a house with character in a walkable city rather than a generic subdivision lifestyle. The low housing prices will attract these people and with enough of them the prices in the core will rise up to equal the mountain and the burbs.

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