Comment 51188

By JonD (registered) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 11:58:35

For a while now I've been of the opinion that the permanent Velodrome was the one PanAm facility that would have been of real future value and offered something unique to help transform Hamilton's image. But now I'm feeling that if council can not multitask enough to sink that slamdunk either then lets move on and just keep them focused on the essentials.

On another note... Although I didn't vote for him I'm looking forward to hearing from Jason Farr on the broader city related issues. But knowing that he's essentially a CFL/TiCat employee I'm guessing I'm not alone in wondering how he plans to make a "Hamilton First" decision when it comes to voting where/if the stadium should go. I was also hoping to see his donor list but nothing yet.

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