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By synxer (registered) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 11:41:47

I think innovation centres like this are to be had by everyone, not just Hamilton. As a progressive society, we should allot budgets to see these innovation centres get what they need. Municipally, provincially and federally.

Right now, the burden is mostly on universities to do a lot of the engineering legwork for eco, political, medical, logistics innovations.

I love the idea of buildings in a city brewing innovation and advancing surrounding communities. A video game analogy: +5 to surrounding businesses and people.

I think of it like you might think of local farms - and how it is usually better to get your food from your surroundings. +5 Health. The same could/might be said for innovative technology. I am extremely excited about iF and I really hope that Hamiltonians take note of how important it is that we all nurture iF and projects like it.

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