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By Pier8 (anonymous) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 10:48:42

Centres for innovation are always centres for something specific – automotive, computer gaming, greentech, logistics, grape growing & wine making, etc. No city can become a centre for everything. This is the idea behind all economic development strategies based on "clusters of innovation". Hamilton has identified several clusters, some of which will probably never amount to anything, but some of them will. If you look at Waterloo Region, companies like Research in Motion didn't appear out of thin air. There was a longstanding commitment to IT (a specialty of the University of Waterloo) that has spun out a dynamic industry cluster. It's hard to forecast Hamilton's future or identify the industries that will flourish. But where "winners" are emerging, it would seem reasonable that they should be supported and promoted, and that there will be opportunities for additional growth of local companies who can be integrated into their supply chain.

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