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By Paul (registered) | Posted November 04, 2010 at 14:05:50

Back to the transit issue, we need to reduce fares, increase service not only in frequency but reaching many outlying areas severely underserviced.

To do this we need to actually invest! A god start is actually using the gas tax which many others already do. By improving service you get more riders and then through that also get more from the gas tax. We lost money this year because we lost riders because we refuse to make significant advances with transit.

LRT will help but it is still in the future but we need work done now.

A big issue aside from service is this rather arrogant idea that transit is only for the poor. the car has become such a status symbol for success but why? what does having a car really mean? you get to pay insurance, sit in traffic jams, pay increasing gas prices, repairs etc. pollute the air force the city to pave more and more greenspace so single occupancy cars can play follow the leader everyday on congested highways etc.

I could buy a car but do not want one.

I use transit when needed or walk when possible. there is nothing wrong with using these options. For those outside the core a better transit in and out would mean that sometimes you could use it as well (depending on how close to town) as can your kids, seniors etc and anyone else who chooses to do so.

There is no shame in sustainable transportation and it is this false stigma that has a huge impact on ridership.

Investing in transit rather than stadiums, more roads and sprawling infrastructure is the best way not only to improve traffic and reduce fuel usage but increasing accessibility to other areas will help people get to jobs currently not possible because you need a car to get there. It also increases community to some extent as people would be travelling together instead of many seperate isolated vehicles (come on some riders can be rather colourful on some routes but that just makes the ride more interesting!).

For those who need their car for employment or the sheer number of locations to reach such as with some families, transit is still a viable method for non-essential trips or those during less hectic moments in life.

Our city continues to grow but it's transportation system lags years behind (like many other things) and we need to fix it now.

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