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By frank (registered) | Posted November 01, 2010 at 11:04:09

If a leafblower isn't used to blow leaves why's it called a leaf blower? I didn't say it was smart to blow leaves especially on a small property but ya'll are saying it's stupid...I'm saying it's a matter of opinion. I'm absolutely shocked at people who get SO up in arms about something like a leaf blower and want laws to change and all that b.s. when the laws that are meant to protect people that exist already aren't even followed. My point is this: before you go making new freakin laws, start enforcing the EXISTING laws! And Gee, I wasn't being confrontational when I asked if you'd read the bylaw I was asking it as a rhetorical question because to me that's a pointless bylaw that says that people can't use leaf blowers in the summer! SO freakin what? I'd like to see evidence that leaf blowers are used more in the summer than in the fall-that statement's counter intuitive...what are they blowing? Grass barely grows and there are no leaves on the ground...

If I wanted a bylaw that prevented the use of leafblowers I'd be asking that gas leaf blowers be banned outright rather than simply legislating their use. All the other restrictions in the bylaw are essentially included in the existing noise bylaw. You're going to have rude buggers no matter where you are, I'd say that if the evidence of their rudeness is a leaf blower you're much better off than if it was a stereo blasting until 1AM every night.

Aside from a landscaping company, I don't see a need for gas blowers or gas trimmers but that's my personal opinion, not something I'd assume other people should comply with.

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