Comment 50962

By adam2 (anonymous) | Posted October 31, 2010 at 11:27:53

Turbo: Your post claims that the suburbs and outlying areas are subsidizing the downtown. This is a fallacy. I think you are talking about the many halfway houses and subsidized programs that are based out of the downtown?

Remember that these subsidized programs and homes are populated with people from all over the GTA. In fact Hamilton receives money from the provincial government for taking mentally ill and those needing assistance from other cities.

I guess the solution would be for the city of Hamilton to start distributing the social programs and homes across the entire amalgamated city. This would mean you would have a halway house a couple blocks down the street from you. In this way, you would no longer be able to claim you are subsidizing the downtown because you'd have a subsidized program in your own neighbourhood! Make sense?

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